Corporate Profile

Tandem Trading Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian Company. Tandem has been incorporated since 1996 and has operated as a trading company since 2000. Tandem actively sources food products and ingredients throughout the Asian region, selecting only the highest quality goods and processors with strict adherence to high quality processing procedures. Every supplier is inspected regularly and many have been preferred suppliers over a long term. Tandem also exports Australian products to a number of Asian countries and represents high quality processors in Australia. Tandem is a HACCP certified 100% Australian owned company.

Asian Region


Stephen Klug – Managing Director

Stephen is the founder and sole Director of Tandem Trading. He has had over 25 years experience in the food trading and ingredient sourcing industry. He has a degree in Agricultural Science and a diploma in Financial Management. He has travelled extensively through Asia and the Americas and has developed many long term partnerships and associations throughout the region.

Tracy Parker – Business Manager

Tracy has had over 20 years experience in the Australian food trading and ingredient sourcing industry. She has another 5 years experience in export and international sales whilst residing in New Zealand. Tracy has travelled throughout South East Asia and is involved in factory audits and approval. Tracy also manages the accounts and logistics for Tandem Trading.

Elise Taylor – Financial Consultant

Elise has been on the staff of Tandem for 7 years. Elise has a degree in accounting and financial management. Elise provides financial advice and planning for clients.

Mission Statement

Tandem Trading is committed to supplying high quality products to its customers. Tandem actively seeks out the best products throughout Asia and uses its extensive network of associates to expedite the search for the right producers. Tandem gets involved at the R & D stage with its clients and assists where required. Tandem works on developing long term relationships with both suppliers and clients.

Regions of Expertise

Tandem Trading is committed to working within the Asian and American regions. Tandem believes it can offer the best products and advise from within these regions due to the extensive travel and experience gained in the region. Tandem is well connected in Turkey, India, Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia Mexico and USA. Future developments will occur in other regions of South East Asia. Tandem has a strong connection with the Australian food manufacturing industry and represents a number of companies in sales to the South East Asian region. Tandem also supplies products from the Asian regions to external markets such as the USA.


Tandem Trading specialises in frozen fruits and vegetables, dried and processed fruits and vegetables. Tandem exports juice concentrates, health bars, grains, cereals and nuts. Tandem is actively involved in product development and new project development.


Tandem Trading is a full member of the Food and Beverages Importers Association.